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By | November 19, 2007

OK so far so good with the AltaCam podcast series production schedule this season (hmm no season yet, though…that could be a problem). Two weeks ago we rolled out the Adam Clark interview, and now we’re featuring Johnny B’s interview with Caroline Gleich. Listen as Johnny Bernard and her talk skiing from the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. Powder days and much more.

Caroline Gleich: Have I ever needed ski patrol? Oh, yeah. One day at snowbird, three years ago, the Galande Competition. I was skiing down, the in run in the morning, it is an early morning training at 9:30 on the frozen coral reef. And some 190 atomic powder pluses, I wanted to ski those so I could get some extra lift off the jump.

And on my sixth jump, I had a funky take-off and I landed on one foot, tried to bring the other foot to match it, to ski the run out and I wrecked and I tumbled like 600 feet down the landing hill and ended up in the fence…

This is a nice entertaining interview from two class acts in Little Cottonwood Canyon 🙂

Read/listen to the full MP3 interview or digg this story.

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