Feb 11th Alta

By | February 12, 2007

We got the perfect 10%+ density snowfall we needed in Little Cottonwood Canyon this past weekend. It was literally like starting all over again with a November snowpack. It wasn’t a major Wasatch pounding by any means, but when said and done, we received over a foot of heavy snow that blew and filled in the cracks of our former 58″ base nicely. The snow started to get lighter as the day progressed, and at our house in Timberlakes it definitely cooled off last night. I won’t be making it over to LCC today, but the Alta Snow Report posted another 5 inches new since lifts closed yesterday. That new 5 inches should be blower, and with the foot of heavy snow underneath, those skiing will have a good day.

As far as our day on the 11th. The High Traverse that was treacherous on my report from the day before (Feb 10th Alta) was 90% improved. Most of the exposed rock was caked over by the high density snowfall. Made the trip to piss pass a little less demanding and the skiing out there was real nice. Buttery smooth, arching turns with an occasional blast in the face is what I found. I fired up my sniffer and poked around in a few places I knew would offer me run outs full of wind deposited snow…the kind of drifts I knew you could dig deep into. Danette destroyed the fall-line of High Boy with the grace and style she’s always had. I think we skied about 8 runs, from Fred’s Trees, to Highboy, The Nest and out to North Rustler. Didn’t get up into Eddies, though. Next time.

I’m passing on skiing today to get a bunch of work done and then I’ll be in Alta Tuesday morning for some web business. After my meeting I’ll be out for a bit. Til then…

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