Feb 10th Alta

By | February 11, 2007

Yesterday it was warm. Around 40 degrees. Groomers were soft and pretty fun, but most of the time there were a ton of people so you had to pick and choose when to open the throttle. Off-trail (Highboy) was pretty harsh. Well getting there was harsh, not necessarily High Rustler itself. The High T was bad as usual this year. It wasn’t frozen and you didn’t feel like you were going to slide for life all the way to the bottom of West Rustler, but it was dang rocky. Rode some old Volkl fat skis (white wizard exsplosivs) namely because they’re a little smaller than the Gotamas and in fact a lot more responsive then the haggered Gotamas I have mounted. I have a sparkly clean new pair but haven’t dared mount them up this season yet for obvious reasons.

Skied a handful of Groomers with Johnny B and Jesse. Johnny and I also paid the price twice on Highboy. When those guys left I had more of an itch so I went back and skied three more Highboy’s in a row solo. Last three runs I went into Windy Point and knocked some snow over the rocks. It was…ok. The best part about skiing yesterday was the workout. BUT Cottonwood Canyons’ snow report says 7 last night, 2-5 today and possible 7-11 tonight so we’re looking up.

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