New Category: Ski Bulletins

By | February 9, 2007

I figured I’d add a category to document ski days to my SBP blog. The description in the WordPress admin I used for this category is ‘Personal diary of skiing days and observations’. Each time I ski-ride; whether it’s a skin up the hill from our cabin house in Timberlakes, a backcountry expedition or a day riding chair lifts, I always ALWAYS have reflection. I think back to my favorite run of the day, wildlife I see, details of the snowpak, where the wind blew, cool formations in the clouds, the cold snow-smoke swirling in the air…whatever. Moving forward I’m going to try and make the habit of coming home, sitting down with a nice authentic Margarita (my favorite is a silver Tequila with at least an ounce of freshly squeezed lime juice) and documenting my experience for the day.

I kinda started already in the Nature of The Turn post when I mention the carving madness that took place at Deer Valley. The majority of my dispatches, I’m sure, will be from ski days at Alta. I’ll have to share the posts here with my rants on the AltaCam skiing forum! If it’s a big pow day and I’m on the hill bell-to-bell, I may not get the post added until the next morning but that’s ok…no one’s reading my blog yet this winter, anyway (are you?). Oh and once the snow melts I am going to start the “Pedal Summaries” category as well. After pushing your body all day long it’s good to exercise the mind a little as well 🙂

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