Feb 13th Alta

By | February 13, 2007

As soon as I got on the hill today I realized that yesterday was the day and I missed out! BUT…today was pretty dang good, too. And I made the most it. I even found some soft, deep, untracked turns. It cooled off quite a bit last night so that could have made for even fluffier untracked snow then what the gang had on Monday. But they had a lot more of it, especially early on. As she goes, there wasn’t much untracked left out in the open…but I can find it and I did find it today.

It’s looking up a little bit finally. We’re in the right pattern now. We just have to be patient for the big one(s). Alta.com is showing a 71″ inch base now and the weather should remain unsettled through the week. Check the Cottonwood Canyons Forecast daily for the best summary. Just now as I was typing this I faintly heard from the other room a local weather anchor say something about snow developing on Friday in the Salt Lake Valley. Eh? That sounds good to me.

So today I took a few runs with Darren Marshall and BJ Brewer early on. They were both working for Clif Bar for the day distributing samples around the ski area. I then met up with Rob ‘To The Wall or Not At All’ Rowley and Hardcore for a few, too. Those guys are a riot when they get to bickering on the lift! To end strong I paid the price (skied Highboy) three times solo. Found what I needed on the left side and in the Church. Over and out for now. Next ski bulletin should be Saturday, Feb 17th (maybe Friday).

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