Turn That Shizzle On

By | February 15, 2007

OK things are starting to come around. I was a working junkaholic today so I didn’t get any powder, but I just talked to Johnny B and he said it was one of those surprise days when it piled up fluffy like we know if can in LCC. JB confirmed what the magnate told me early this morning…I talked to him around 8am and he said that it was going to be one of those days. Dangness! 🙂 Can’t say I’m too disappointed today, though, because I got a TON of work done and therefore I’ll be getting mine early tomorrow morning first thing. If the road’s closing, I’m beating that closure. Period.

Just talked to Andy G. and it’s time to mount the new Gotamas. Pretty excited about that. It’s been tedious this season riding the haggered last year skis in all the hard and crappy snow. To wrap this up I thought I’d post the Alta Snow Report from bright and early this morning. It’s not a massive carnage dump but we’ll take it! See you hippies in the morning!

  • In the past 24 hours, Alta Ski Area has received: 6″ of new snow
  • The settled mid-mountain base is currently: 78″
  • So far this season we’ve received 213″ of snow
  • The extended weather forecast is: 1-4″ today, 2-5″ tonight, 3-6″ on Friday.

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