June Powder Snow

By | June 8, 2007

We just had a cooooold storm move through the region for June 6th-7th. Up in Timberlakes we only got about 3 inches of snow but the temps dropped to 25 chilly degrees for two nights in a row. The baby greens, baby chard, radishes and sugar beets  (about all we can grow up here!) barely made it, and I lugged all the other summertime container gardens into the kitchen for two straight days. They were lookin’ a bit sad but at least they survived the cold. Let’s hope that’s that! I am kind of over snow for this year.

As reported at AltaCam on the ski forum, the upper elevations of Little Cottonwood received over 15 inches. There were sure to be some Alta hippies up there makin’ turns, but I wasn’t one of em. The photo below was taken from our deck on June 8th in the AM hours. That’s a direct site line to Brighton and Alta. Three days ago there was barely snow to be seen from this same view. Not to shabby for June in the Wasatch…although we’re trying to get the Crest Trail to DRY OUT not fill in with snow again! But it was a good storm for the reservoirs…

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