Highspeed Wireless Internet Service in Utah

By | June 7, 2007

Attention Utah Internet Junkies… Ever heard of Utah Broadband? If not check them out and you’ll be glad you did!

I wanted to post and mention that Danette and I recently dropped our ISP at Allwest (DSL) in exchange for MUCH better Utah wireless Internet service from Utah Broadband. We live in a remote area of Wasatch County and fortunately we had the line of site necessary (to their Brighton tower) to access the UBB network. Incredible technology as well as top notch service!

This company is expanding quickly so chances are you can get on board with them. Their current coverage reaches a wide area. From their coverage page:

Utah Broadband has the largest coverage area of any local wireless ISP. We have continous coverage throughout all of Salt Lake, Davis, Utah, Summit and Wasatch Counties. Below are rough estimates of our coverage area. If you’re not sure if you are covered, just give us a call!

Believe it or not, up in Timberlakes in Lake Creek Canyon (Wasatch County, Utah) we are now getting a sustained connection speed 7Xs faster than what we were getting with Allwest. I understand we were at the end of the line for Allwest, but the fact that we were paying what every other one of their customers were paying for their DSL service was a joke. The connection speed was at a crawl and over the course of the one year we used them they were down no less than 100 hours! Considering the fact that they never once offered reimbursement for the downtime we experienced, I have no problem ranting about them here. Friendly operators and techs only go so far…

So if you want highspeed wireless in Utah, check these guys out. And be sure you said the Ski Bum Poet sent ya! Actually, I do have a contact for UBB so drop me a line and I’ll put you in touch. My email: garymarcoccia@yahoo.com – Phone: 435-785-8067

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