Where Do I Start?

By | June 6, 2007

I’m guilty. I am now almost a month behind in posting to my personal ranting platform, aka the Ski Bum Poet blog :). Sorry ’bout that…but what can I say…for a long time running now when the ski season ends, I disappear. Although in the past I would retreat deep into the deserts of Southern Utah, Moab specifically to thaw out, so to speak; nowadays I just disappear from posting and ranting about life and skiing in Little Cottonwood! For the most part, anyway. We did take one trip…

Danette and I went to central NY to visit my family. They live near Ithaca in a small town called Erin. It was a good time. The forest was turning green and there were some nice days of both sun and rain (living in Utah I miss those long, sustained rain storms that rhythmically hit the roof all night long)…not to mention quality family time. My parents have two catch ponds on their property to channel the runoff from the hill around the house, so I threw on the ‘ole white mister twister and caught large mouth bass (1-2 lbs) pretty much at will. Thanks to Dad for letting me catch his pet fish he feeds all the time 🙂 I was nice and gentle and they all made it back into the ponds safe and sound, spare a sore mouth I’m sure.

Below is a good picture that’s featured on Danette’s Baby Belly Page of us and my folks at Taughannock Falls State Park near Ithaca, NY. That park is really impressive. A little piece of trivia I learned on this trip: Taughannock is the highest free standing waterfall in the Northeastern US…even higher than Niagra Falls. From the Wiki page I linked to above:

The main cataract of the falls is an astounding 215 ft drop, making it 33 ft taller than Niagara Falls and the largest single drop waterfall in the Northeastern United States.

So yeah, that was a good time. We returned to a lush green Timberlakes…which was nice. Apparently we had a ton of rain even in the higher elevations of the Uintas while we were gone. We missed a small flood according to Karen and Greg, our neighbors. I felt bad…Greg had to come up and dig out the culvert that runs under our driveway b/c the clog was starting to flood their yard. Thanks Greg 🙂

We’re both doing fine. Danette’s pregnancy is going smooth and I have great confidence that she’ll meet her goal of a natural delivery. That’s one strong woman. I am getting excited to meet our child face to face. Feeling some strong kicks in that belly of hers!

I’ve been getting some good pedaling in since we returned namely in Park City. Mountain Trails is doing a great job as always of cleaning up down trees and winter time debris. Kris Gray and K.C. Gaudet from The Pedal Wrench have been showing me some nice loops from town that I didn’t know existed. Go figure. I lived there in PC for two summers and never even knew of some of these interconnects. I guess I was spending too much time Deer Valley lift & shuttle freeriding, and not enough trail riding. So the cookie crumbles. At any rate, we’re having fun and I am hoping to get my hands on a 29er (29 inch single speed trail bike) and join the WXC gang in PC. WXC = Wobbly Cross Country 😉

At any rate. That’s that. Besides some killer progress at AvantLink (check out one cool merchant that just launched with us – Upside Over – a store dedicated to outdoor gear for kids), I’ve been laying low working, riding and oh yeah, fishing up a storm. GBM

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