Ready for my rants?

By | January 26, 2007

Well it’s begun. I’ve started blogging (running a couple of other blogs with WordPress and I’ve really enjoyed learning the platform) and now it’s AOBTC…as they say. Oh yeah, that stands for ‘All Over But The Cryin’ in case you were wondering. I’ve always wanted…better yet….needed a place to spew my words in babbling fits of semi-structured paragraphs and my own grammar. I’ll do my best to keep compelling topics and articles moving through these pages. But sometimes I do hope to lose the readers, too. 😉

On a more serious note, my name is Gary Marcoccia and I do web junk full-time. That’s my job now. Internet marketing, web publishing and I also head up the marketing efforts for a new and very innovative Affiliate marketing network called My job throughout my twenties was to survive 1000 days of skiing in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, Alta specifically while staying motivated to make my mark on the world of web and content publishing.

I fortunately learned to recognize my limits skiing and pedaling my bike, but with that recognition I have always enjoyed getting after it and pushing harder. It is definitely an addiction that I have worked hard to break in the last couple of years. I’m getting through the withdrawals by way of settling in to a wonderful life with my wife Danette (and our first child on the way).

So I guess that’s a good start for this project. I’m linking this sucker up from several sites right out of the gate. In time I’ll work on the aesthetics of this weblog but for now…just my words 🙂

Over and out, Gary M

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