Lee Cohen Interview

By | January 28, 2007

You may remember the infamous column ‘Ask Johnny B’ in the early days of GravityFed. When we first launched the site back in December of 1999, Johnny single handedly drove 100% of the traffic through his wit and sense of humor. I still have most of the archives stored away on an old PC box (that I plug in twice a year to extract old content and charge), and I’ve vowed to dig them out and re-publish one of these days. Actually, there’s one classic now on GravityFed: Johnny B’s Mexico Thrashing 🙂

At any rate, we’ve gotten Johnny involved on the web again and this time he’s producing podcast interviews with some of Alta’s best known personalities and living legends for AltaCam.com. The most recent, was his 3-part interview with ski photographer Lee Cohen. Here’s a snippet of the transcript:

Johnny B: Let’s take it back. Who was your first cover shot? Bring us back to the day. Who was it? Where was it?

Lee Cohen: It was my buddy, Steve Garrett. It was kind of…

Johnny B: Oh the legendary old man.

Lee Cohen: The legendary old man. It was in 1988 and I remember when it came out, it was at Alta, I didn’t even know I was getting the cover and somebody in the Rustler… I was in the Rustler hanging out, going to the bar and one of the employees said, nice cover shot! February ’88.

Johnny B: No way!

Lee Cohen: I was totally surprised and blown away.

Johnny B: That’s awesome, man! That’s great. I’m sure that really propelled the old man to greatness himself.

Lee Cohen: Yeah, the ancient one, he’s still out there turnin’ em.

Johnny B: Yeah.

Lee Cohen: For the crotchety of old dude that he is.

Download and listen to this full interview (you can also read the transcript). Very entertaining. Nice work Johnny B! I’ll keep ya posted on any old Ask Johnny B archives that come out.

Over and Out, Gary M

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