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By | January 30, 2007

Whatcha think? In case you’re reading this months from now in a distant archive you can click here to see the v1.o header graphic I built. Here is the descriptions of the photos from left to right:

  1. Classic cover photo circa 2002 (or thereabouts). Johnny B took this picture in Westward Ho. Click Here for the large version of this photo in the GravityFed archives.
  2. Photo taken at the rope line on the shoulder hiking up from Wildcat chairlift. A friend of mine Erik Gauger took this photo on a ski visit to Alta. Check out Erik’s award winning travel/photography site: Notes From The Road.
  3. That’s me digging out a room at the Alta Peruvian Lodge the morning it was hit by a Toledo avalanche in March of 2003. I was in the lodge and felt her shake on impact.
  4. My season pass picture for the 2002-2003 season. I was looking to the sky for snow. Slow start but ended up being a killer year.
  5. Powder explosion photo when I was skiing early AM with Andy and Jeff from WaHsatch Powder Productions one morning.
  6. It’s actually me on the the fall 2005 cover photo of Bike Magazine. What do you know. Photo by Keith Carlsen in Albion Basin, Alta, Utah.
  7. Another cool photo Erik Gauger took while in town. This is the little shot off the knob at the bottom of ‘The Church’ proper…skier’s left of High Rustler (in the trees).

Of course, all photos are from in and around Alta, Utah 🙂

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