Alta’s Spademan Rob

By | February 2, 2007

Now this is good to see! As I mentioned in the Lee Cohen Interview post the other day, Johnny B has been producing some killer AltaCam-exclusive podcasts with living legends in and around Alta. Powder Magazine Editor Derek Taylor caught wind of what JB was up to and had him interview Rob ‘To The Wall or Not At All’ Rowley for a feature. As of the time of this post, Johnny’s interview of Rob was FEATURED ON THE HOMEPAGE of the website. Nothing like listening to a couple of good friends talk shop about skiing and life experiences in Little Cottonwood Canyon. These are two of the most well-known and unique personalities at Alta. Turn your volume up, sit back and enjoy this podcast!

“Most Alta locals have a good luck charm that is guaranteed to bring snow. Many times, this charm is a person. It’s not uncommon to hear normally sane people (or sometimes obviously insane ones) use phrases like, “It’s going to snow next week. Uncle Leo is coming to town.” Rob Rowley is one of those people…”

Listen to the entire MP3 interview: Rob Rowley: The Fresh Prince Of Alta

Side note: ‘To The Wall or Not At All’ is our nickname for Rob. That’s because dude will side-step ‘to the wall’ on Devil’s Castle no less then a few times a day when the skiing’s good. In fact, he’s done it six times in a day. Anyone that knows this side-step is thinking ‘WTF are you kidding me?!’ right now. Oh, and he’ll wait at the gate for hours in the morning for that fresh, spiritual wall shot he wants.

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