Change in the air?

By | February 6, 2007

I am a little hesitant to write this post because I don’t want to jinx a predicted change in the weather taking place in and around the Western US. From what I understand, we’ve had a high pressure ridge sitting over California/Nevada/Utah for the past 45 days…effectively blocking any Pacific storms that may have in years past unleashed on Alta. I can’t remember where I heard this info but I think it was from one of the fine meteorologists at the National Weather Service – Salt Lake City.

At any rate, the report mentioned that this ridge should start to breakdown later this week. The first storm lining up on us is warm, with a Southwest flow, so it’s not the best of storms…but at least it’s from the Pacific and not the arctic North. The good news is, if this huge high pressure system that has frigged things up all winter is gone, then the gates are open for the goods to make their way in from the Pacific Northwest for the remainder for our winter. We hope..

I’ve been a huge Wasatch advocate this winter, not a Wasatch Wussie -haha: I’ve focused on making the best of my skiing days this year no matter what the snow stake reads. Fortunately, I’ve been around Alta long enough to know where I can get at least a few good turns even 10 days after it snows. Plus we moved to Timberlakes in the Uintas, so it’s quite a drive and I don’t get to LCC as much. Perhaps that’s why I’ve managed to keep a good attitude about it. I also have haggered Volkl Gotamas that I don’t mind trying to destroy 😉 Maybe if I still lived in Sandy at The Old Man’s house I would be a little more bitter.

Keep an eye on the Alta Snow Report. I truly believe Little Cottonwood can and will deliver this winter, still!

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