Snow Biking in Park City

By | February 7, 2007

What do Utah powder skiers do to pass the time when there’s high pressure dominating? Yep. Snow mountain biking. You’re probably curious about what type of gear it takes and where in the Park City winter landscape you can ride your bike. Well, the answers are straightforward.

Gear: Your mountain bike and your helmet. Terrain: Any packed down walking trail or ski run.

When it doesn’t snow the trails get so packed from walking traffic, that it’s often easier to pedal up hill then it is on the same trail in the summer (in summer you’re fighting boulder gravel and dry, dusty durt). This photo is of Kris Gray, taken this morning by K.C. Gaudet of The Pedal Wrench.

K.C. tells me that yesterday they got escorted off a main run at Park City Mountain Resort by ski patrol, while everyone on the chair lift was cheering for them. He mentioned the patroller was a nice guy, but that the management of the resort didn’t want bikes on the ski hills. WTF!? 🙂

I haven’t been out snow mountain biking with these guys yet but I think it might be time to pull the AS-X out of the crawl space and join them for some early morning snow biking around PC!

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