Spreading the Alta Love

By | March 9, 2007

On March 7th I had the pleasure of introducing two great people to Alta skiing and Little Cottonwood Canyon. Whenever I describe to folks the difference between Alta and other Utah ski resorts it sums it up nicely to simply say “On a storm day everyone in line knows one another”. It has a true family feel. Alta means a lot to me so I really enjoyed showing Mike Doyle, your About.com Guide to Skiing, and his daughter Katie around. We went on a complete mountain tour. It was a morning with bright blue skies and great visibility, so it made my job of pointing out features much easier. They carved the place up, asking questions and smiling all a long!

© Mike Doyle

The next day Mike posted a great write-up about his morning at Alta, and they also carved it up at Snowbird in the afternoon: Skiing Alta and Snowbird on the Same Day?

Also, linked up from Mike’s ‘Skiing Alta and Snowbird on the Same Day?‘ blog post, there’s a specific article he wrote highlighting all they took in at Alta. This is the first hand account from a new Alta skiing fan! Skiing Alta

Being a passholder means, in general, the cheapest way to ski the most at a place you like. Here at Alta it means a lot more – at Alta it means you are family.

Read entire article..

I also posted a thread to the AltaCam Ski Forum about these great articles. Check it out: Alta Featured on About.com

Over and out, Gary M

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