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By | March 15, 2007

Alrighty I’m behind. I realize that my last SBP blog post was on March 9th…when I was Spreading the Alta Love. The powder went away so I stopped the storm rides & explosion face shots and went back to super charged work binging. Yep, I’m good at those. Doin’ time to get ‘er done. Danette sometimes shakes her head wondering how I can spend so much time working through these binges. I work from home so it’s just how I roll. I remind her that together we built a human being, and its heart is now beating in her belly…so therefore it’s my duty to work like a madman to build security for us. Yep. That’s a good reason for my work binging. (BTW we’re having a baby her and me):

So it goes during winter in Utah. It snows, we ski powder. When it doesn’t, we work (or go to I Street and jump our bikes ;)). I realize this winter is winding down. There is no doubt we’ll get another powder day or two. But it has been somewhat of a none-winter from an Alta skier’s perspective. I made the best of it, but we didn’t have the powder we’re used to in Little Cottonwood Canyon (or Timberlakes for that matter). I think this is the first season since I moved to Utah in 1998 where I might not see the 500 inch mark for snowfall in a ski season. Say it ain’t so…

At any rate, since the latest powder cycle ended, and my last post on March 9th, I’ve focused on the following:

  • Of course, AvantLink. I am the Marketing Director you know. Busting it out on behalf of our new company. We can’t be faded. Acquiring new merchants all the time and these past couple of weeks I’ve worked on getting and launched. I have been working on bringing attention to those two killer programs online through an array of content distributions mediums.
  • I’ve also helped K.C. Gaudet recently with his site He’s got some true value there and we just updated his whole site. He can’t be faded, either. Keep an eye out for the ‘Bike Mechanic’s Rant’ blog coming soon. It will look somewhat like this blog.
  • An old friend (Todd McGowan Lewis) from back east has started a company consulting people on Kitchen Design…so I am helping him out on the side with his new site (I’d say it’ll be online in 4 weeks from today). We’re going to build out the Portfolio that will surely seal many contracts to come for T.M. Lewis Kitchens.
  • Of course, the standard updates to GravityFed, AltaCam, OGEBlog and several other sites have also occurred. I am especially proud of a new content feature on AltaCam this week: Onno Wieringa Podcast (Onno is the Alta Ski Area General Manager). As always, Johnny B did a great job interviewing Onno for our Podcast series.
  • I also helped out Scott Mason from Wasatch Speed Goats. He’s a trail running pro who recently started a blog about trail running in Utah. They’ve actually got the go ahead on a brand spanking new race that will be at Snowbird this summer. It’s the “Get High” 50K at the Bird.
  • Let’s see…what else. Dog walks, exercise, baby book reading, break dancing, nourishment, Seinfeld episodes, a buzz or three, making fires to heat our home, pooping, peeing, sleeping.. I think that’s everything.

So that’s that. It’s what I’ve done since there was powder. Thanks for checkin’ in! Gary M

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