Mar 18th Deer Valley

By | March 19, 2007

Spring madness in March. Big time! It was almost like skiing in the summer. We met up with Jesse and JJ for a mellow Deer Valley carve day. Got some sun, some fresh air and a killer lunch at Empire lodge. I’ve ranted once before about carvin’ it up at DV on the Nature of The Turn post I made back in February:

…the first thing I did was hit the Rossi demo yurt and get myself some 170 Rossi carve/race skis. I proceeded to arc massive 40 mph turns on wide, perfectly groomed, people-free runs and I had the time of my life!

Hehe.. At any rate, I took out some carve/race skis again, but this time with the whole crew. Everyone (myself, Danette, Jesse and JJ) all took out some Rossignol tuned race skis for the day. It’s pretty sweet. Just give them your credit card and take what you want. As long as you don’t walk off with the skis or destroy them they’re free for the day. The skiing was pretty fun but 1) It was typical DV crowdedness for a weekend, and 2) ALL aspects were pretty much toast/slush by 1pm. In fact, after lunch when we made our way back to Snowpark on our fat skis it was a pain in the butt (non-tuned phat skis in 4 inches of slush is pretty hard work…especially for the pregnant one). It was nice though to get to work off that badass lunch we had: $65 smackers for the four of us and that was with everyone ordering H2O for their drink! Dangness. Luckily GravityFed picked up the tab on this one (Jesse and I had a board meeting continued across several lift rides ;)).

All in all it was pretty fun early on. Carve skis were a treat and D and I practiced our Powder 8 techniques all day. I basically mirrored her every turn partly to act as a blocker (so no flailing rich wankers from Delaware would crash into that ripping pregnant woman!) and partly to symbolize our togetherness in this new journey of parenthood we’ve arrived at together.

Early afternoon it was time to call it a day. But we got sun, exercise and some turns with good friends as an added bonus.

Over and out, Gary M

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