I am WAY behind – My Bad

By | April 3, 2007

A lot has happened in the two plus weeks since I last posted on March 19th. Yikes! That’s pretty bad. Not that anyone except Google really gives a dang, anyways.

We’ve had a pretty intensive stretch at work of late, so I’ve otherwise been laying low online. I tend to go on off-hour creative web binges whereby I bust out two months worth of production in a matter of five days (off hour means work besides my bread and butter job at AvantLink). I was telling Danette recently that I may just be on the brink of one of those binges now. Get ready world wide web, I’m about to rant and create some otherwise funky content ventures and that’s that…what with a baby and all on the way I need more money making content flowing around the web.

Let’s see if I can catch up on what’s been happening over the last 15 days (note these are estimates on what I did and when, give or take a day or two):

  • The weather was pretty amazing at the end of March in Utah so yes it was time to pull the AS-X out of the crawl space and get ready for dirt and dust. We rode sometime during the week of March 19th…don’t ask me what day it was. Jesse got a new bike (Kona Coiler Dee-Lux – reviews) and after KC from The Pedal Wrench helped him build ‘er up we hit the Glenwild Trail North of Kimball Junction near Park City. The Mountain Trails Federation has been asking people not to ride yet but we checked it out and it was good to go. There were muck sections still closed so of course we stayed clear of those but otherwise it was a good spin. KC rode Kris Gray’s 29 inch single speed holding a madman’s early season pace!
  • On the weekend I skied a day at Alta. Pretty good day. No powder of course but I enjoyed the turns none-the-less. I made it a point to get some exercise by side-stepping to the top of East Castle, an Eddies and, of course, you gottta pay the price a couple of times on High Boy no matter what the conditions are.
  • On Wednesday during the week of 3/26 we had a pretty decent storm roll through. I took the first day of the storm cycle off to ski which was a mistake. The skiing wasn’t bad at all, but I hit it in LCC when there were 12 inches of new snow and by late Thursday Alta was reporting over two feet. No complaints though. I spent the day skiin’ it up with K.C. Gaudet and Matt Collins (and a girl named Julie he was with I just met that day) and also took a few laps with Jesse Weeks which is always entertaining!
  • Saturday, March 31st, I was bored at home and needed some sun and air. I spend the week working from a home office isolated in the Dog and Pony show of Timberlakes so I jumped in the Subi and drove over to Alta for a few hours. It was a good call. I worked the legs by taking three straight laps on the high shoulder. The route was the side step all the way out to the rope line above Bad News Cliffs and then I added a booter up to the highest gate into Alta from Snowbird. Wasn’t deep powder but it was a shady North aspect with carvy foam that held my tracks. The work out was really all I was after anyways.

OK so there is a quick rant on what’s gone down in my recreational world recently. There are several content features that have been added to AltaCam in the last two weeks as well, but I want to hash those out in separate posts here at SBP.

I’ve definitely learned a lesson! If I have any chance of keeping this ranting platform up to date with all the activity and web junk I am doing there’s no way I should let it go so long. Sorry hippies! Til next time…Gary M

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