The Independent Woman Meets Jackson Bravo

By | April 3, 2007

Holy crap now this in entertainment! Especially if you’re an Alta, Utah skier and recognize the two stars of this IW episode 🙂

(Hint: The Independent Woman is Sarah Schreckengaust and Jackson Bravo is Johnny B. Sarah writes, stars in and produces her own video blog!)

Sarah and Johnny B told me about this episode from the Independent Woman Show (the name for Sarah’s WordPress video blog) while we were skiing recently but I wasn’t prepared for what I saw tonight. I nearly spit up my green tea holding back laughter when I sat down and watched the latest episode: 13.0 Blood Bath Gulch

Jackson Bravo, former Olympic Gold Medalist and Mt Middle District’s hottest skier, takes the Independent Woman under his wing and introduces her to what is truly one of skiing’s most aggressive lines: BLOOD BATH GULCH

If you have a weak stomach this video isn’t for you. Watch with caution. If I had one of those YouTube video plugin thingys for my Ski Bum Poet blog you would be able to watch it right here but unfortunately I don’ you’ll have to click the following link instead:

13.0 Blood Bath Gulch

BTW this part “If you have a weak stomach this video isn’t for you” is a joke. Watch it. DO-IT now.

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