Sunny Saturday at Alta

By | November 24, 2008

Yep we circumnavigated the Wasatch Mountains last weekend for some early season ski riding at Alta. We all had a great day. It was a lot easier to take turns this season with Ellie, now that she’s older. In fact it was nice and sunny so we brought her Flexible Flyer sled and she got her own snow sliding in.

When it was my turn with her I put on my skis and towed her up and down the transfer tow. She looked pretty content all bundled up, with her milk and shades. We had a lot of nice comments and laughs from folks. Heading down the rope tow from the Albion side was a blast. It was just enough of a downhill to get her cruising. I held on to the rope switch so I could keep an eye on her, and she actually passed me at one point. I even heard some out loud giggling from the wee one.

Next sunny day she’s getting on the lift, and in the pack for some slow cruiser runs 🙂

Oh and BTW, the BD Factors felt great. Freakin’ love having an AT boot with walking mode, and in fact a new boot altogether. Sunny days are great, but let’s open up the sky. It’s time for a stormride!

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