What the..?

By | September 30, 2007

I’m back. What the heck just happened? Not sure but it was kind of like anything I get in the weeds with. The more I get behind, the harder it is to catch up. Well I’m still here and Ski Bum Poet is still alive. Just a leave of absence is all…

The single best thing that’s happened to me (aside from my wedding day) in my life happened on August 16, 2007. This is when our daughter Ellie (Ellen Opal Marcoccia) was born at 2pm! Life was instantly different the moment I held her in my arms. Danette was an absolute trooper…nearly a 24 hour labor with a flawless delivery. I know.. I know… The news is late to the blog but I’ve been scramblin’ since, what with sleep deprivation & busiest time of the year at AvantLink and all.

Ellie is just over 6 weeks old already. She’s starting to coooo and smile and I get a kick out of every mood and expression she has. Here is a photo of her at one month old workin’ out. This little squirt rolled from belly to back at two weeks!!

So, it’s on once again with nearly a two month hiatus from my rants. Just in time considering another season of Pow is upon us in Utah. (It’s actually white outside right now with about 3 inches of snow. Awesome contrast to the yellow Aspen tree leaves!) Sorry Google for the blank days! Afterall, the big G is probably the only entity reading this thing. Haha!

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