Check It Out – Vick Dog Chew Toy

By | August 7, 2007

I did hear of the Michael Vick Dog Fighting and Cruelty news story when it first broke out…whenever that was. I think like two weeks ago. I thought it was pretty shady and lame this day in age, to get your kicks from not only watching dogs kill one another, but also doing the killing yourself when your dog doesn’t make you money. Gosh what kind of people do that?

I don’t know what the status is of this case. Frankly, I don’t even really know who Michael Vick is. Not the biggest NFL fan here. But I do know that I got a kick out of…a thrown together site selling dog chew toys that resemble tough guy Mike. Hahaha. I may have to grab some of these to keep around as xmas gifts, etc. for friends that were just as disgusted as I was over this story.

You can buy the official Michael Vick Dog Chew Toy online for $7.00. (I don’t get a cent for that referral, BTW.) Let your dog chew on Michael Vick… 🙂

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