Inhumane Bear Captivity in York, PA

By | July 23, 2007

Thought I would take the time to advance some awareness on an unfortunate situation in York, PA. (Lincoln Highway in Hallam) This stems from a letter to the editor my sister wrote to the York Blog.. an online publication of the York Daily Record/Sunday News. My sister is fighting the inhumane captivity of black bears so I am hoping to raise awareness of the situation. It’s really a shame that this type of captivity is allowed to continue. The stance taken by some (it’s apparent already from one of the comments on the blog post) is that the bears were orphaned and therefore the ice cream store owner is actually doing a good thing. Bah to that! What a joke. How about a humane cage with water and maybe a little grass and some trees. These bears should be removed from the ice cream shop and put in a real zoo..or a refuge. Here’s a snipet from the letter to the editor:

“Their living quarters consist of chain-link walls, a cement floor, and a rickety shelter that seems far too small. Their daily lives consist of lying in the sweltering summer heat of Southern PA, being on display for the public 24/7, having $0.25 handfuls of food pellets thrown at them occasionally, (despite other objects) and yes, a little, pink, rubber ball to play with to entertain the kids…”

Does this concrete floor and cage (pics below) resemble the American Black Bear Habitat? What a shame..

Read the Full Letter | digg story

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