Monthly Archives: April 2007

Alta’s Last Day of 2007

Last Sunday (two days ago) I went up to Little Cottonwood Canyon and had a great time skiing it up with good friends and all the energetic locals that make up the traditional last day festivities at Alta Ski Area. Of course Snowbird in LCC is still open, and they will be for several more… Read More »

Pedal or Powder in Utah?

One of the great things about living in central Utah is having the choice in the spring of either pedaling your bike, or skiing powder. Well some of the times it’s powder… As you may or may not know during the spring in Utah if you aren’t getting the Pow while it’s snowing then you’re… Read More »

Our First Child

I have made reference to our pregnancy on a few occasions so far in this blog. Yep it’s really happenin’ and now that Danette’s Baby Belly is becoming easier to see it’s sinking in more and more! We couldn’t be more thrilled. We’re both family oriented, and we always planned on having a family but… Read More »

The Independent Woman Meets Jackson Bravo

Holy crap now this in entertainment! Especially if you’re an Alta, Utah skier and recognize the two stars of this IW episode 🙂 (Hint: The Independent Woman is Sarah Schreckengaust and Jackson Bravo is Johnny B. Sarah writes, stars in and produces her own video blog!) Sarah and Johnny B told me about this episode… Read More »

I am WAY behind – My Bad

A lot has happened in the two plus weeks since I last posted on March 19th. Yikes! That’s pretty bad. Not that anyone except Google really gives a dang, anyways. We’ve had a pretty intensive stretch at work of late, so I’ve otherwise been laying low online. I tend to go on off-hour creative web… Read More »