Thanksgiving Song

What a classic by Adam Sandler. Lyrics only. Enjoy..

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Sunny Saturday at Alta

Yep we circumnavigated the Wasatch Mountains last weekend for some early season ski riding at Alta. We all had a great day. It was a lot easier to take turns this season with Ellie, now that she’s older. In fact it was nice and sunny so we brought her Flexible Flyer sled and she got […]

DtB in SLC

OK I was about to go and post about our Sunny Day at Alta this past Saturday until I realized I never even updated SBP with the report from the Donna show in Salt Lake on Nov. 16th. What with having a toddler who gets up at 5am and all…it took us this long to […]

Rob “To The Wall or Not At All” Rowley

If you were to look up “Alta Personalities” in the dictionary, you would likely see a picture of Rob Rowley. Well not really, but you get the point. Rob is a great friend of ours. He lives in Virginia full-time, always has. Yet he’s a 20 year pass holder at Alta. He’s addicted to first […]


I’ve had it with comment and link spammers.

The spammer bullet list below will continuously update as new spammers show their faces. I will post exactly what I receive from referrer logs; including names, emails, web sites (not hyperlinks, though!) and IP addresses. All spammers that hit both SBP and AltaCam will be listed in […]

Locked and Loaded

We went up to get our passes this morning. This is my 10th ski season as an Alta pass holder. Danette didn’t think her picture looked good, but I think it’s fine. She always looks good. Mine on the other hand…yikes. I just can’t seem to get my pass portrait right, ever. About the best […]

Deals on Ski Lift Tickets

Ever heard of Liftopia? Pretty cool service where you can get discounted lift tickets from several of the top ski resorts across the US. They have exclusive arrangements with resorts from North Carolina to right here in Utah. If you’re taking a ski vacation this winter, it’s worth spending an extra few minutes to […]

OGE Gear Database

OK so on November 7th I talked about where you can get good Patagonia deals, but now it’s time to plug the site I was referring to in full. It’s pretty damn slick. Jesse has been building or “OGE” for short (it’s a database/search engine for outdoor gear) quietly for some time, but I […]

Alta Opening This Weekend

Feel like riding the lifts at Alta? They’re opening up two days this weekend, then for good November 21st. Just got a message from their Powder Alerts email list.

Alta is still planning on opening for the season on Friday, November 21st. In addition, we will open for two days this weekend: Saturday and Sunday, […]

Got me some AT boots…

Yep, we both pulled the trigger last night and bought Alpine Touring boots from

I’ve been needing boots for a few seasons. It’s been torture cramming into my 5 year old Tecnicas with a performance fit. They are actually a full size too small, with huge blowouts in the toes to accommodate. They’ve been […]