Monthly Archives: January 2009

The wee one rips

Today was Ellie’s 1st time riding chair lifts! We had a great family ski day. At Alta she rode Collins x2, Sunnyside and Sugarloaf. She was definitely into the experience. Base temp was around 38 degrees today, peaks at around 30. Sun was in full force. In fact we bought a mini sun screen thingy… Read More »

Dats right..

Some cool turns behind our house in Timberlakes. Made for a great series of photos. Looks like real nice powder…

Swany Ski Gloves and Me

Author’s note: You can buy these, and other quality ski gloves from I’m a creature of habit. I’ll pick a product I like and stick with it long term. Sometimes until it’s discontinued by a manufacturer. Never really had any first hand experience with Swany Ski Gloves until recently. And I may just be… Read More »

AltaCam Podcasts Series

I’ve been slacking on posting about the 2008-09 podcasts/MP3 interviews from Johnny @ AltaCam. Pretty classic personalities captured in Johnny B’s spirited interview style. These interviews are my favorite part of AltaCam. FYI for anyone who doesn’t know already: “AltaCam is a site featuring information about life and powder skiing in Alta, Utah.” Here the… Read More »

How about Recycled Sweaters?

Not too shabby, eh. Check it out. Danette made pillows and Ellie pants out of Recycled Sweaters. What a killer idea. And she busted these things out in like two hours during a lazy, winter-rainy Friday afternoon. This is about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen…