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Handmade Skis! (in U.S.A.) RAMP

For the past couple of winters I have been proud to be riding Garage Skis. Proud for one because my friend custom builds these out of his garage in the Salt Lake valley. But I was also proud to be on skis that were handmade in the USA, rather than built by machine in […]

Bamboo Soul Poles

Heard of Soul Poles? The company has been around for over a year, but not yet two. In that short amount of time they have made TONS of progress spreading the word…

No snow. No ski. That’s the simple fact of global warming and the grim predictions of disappearing alpine snow. And […]

Lucid Cycles – Custom Mountain Bikes

You may have seen “Lucid” logos on bikes or cars lately around Park City, Utah. Lucid Cycles was started by my friend Kris, and he has been building handmade steel mountain bikes and custom 29ers for a few years now… made to order, made to shred.

I do not own a Lucid, YET. But […]