One for the Road

By | September 21, 2011


Teton Gravity Research premiered their new film, “One for the Road,” last Saturday in Jackson, WY. Here is the play-by-play. I went to a premier up in Jackson once before, but considering it was almost a decade ago I couldn’t tell you which of their films it was that I saw. That was a lot of brain cells ago for a guy like me. I do remember wild energy in the theater back then, so I can only imagine what it must be like now.

TGR is a true media success story for the ski industry, and I think they have a lot to do with the progression of skiing over that past decade.

Now for the fun stuff… Every year I look forward to seeing some of Sage’s highlights from the previous season (check this or this from Alta–although not from a ski film)…and every year he keeps stepping it up more. Check out the trailer for the new film below, and this piece on one of Sage’s segments. Gulp.

Don’t think it’s available quite yet, but soon you should be able to get this film direct from TGR or from web retailers like evo or

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4 thoughts on “One for the Road

  1. Ekaczmarek

    I absolutely love skiing, I have been skiing sense I was two years old. I am 16 now. I am a ski racer, but I love to ski the powwww. Im thinking of moving to the free-ride team because I like to go BIG. Skiing is my life and it always will be. My dad moved me to Utah just so I could ski.

  2. Emma from Simply Piste

    Stunning video, downloaded it on ITunes last month. I love Todd Ligare, his other videos for TGR are amazing and his official site is well worth a look.

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