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Personal diary of ski days and observations from around Utah.

Oh no, KC’s ranting, too

…And I quote: “Ski Rant: I know more than you do!” And: “Current conditions at a closed Utah resort. Support ski areas that are run by skiers, not by real estate developers!” Posted April 20th, 2008…

Ski Utah Link

An old friend (Kendall) who is the man behind the Ski Utah Blog added links recently for both Ski Bum Poet and the Alta Ski Forum at AltaCam. I guess I’ll have to make sure and keep better ski logs here next season! Whether or not we make the move to the Finger Lakes, I’m… Read More »

Congrats Mike Doyle!

Last ski season I had the opportunity to meet Mike Doyle (Skiing Editor from and his daughter Katie. We spent the day at Alta skiing around the entire area. I had a good time showing them a place that’s very close to my heart. I haven’t had a chance to talk to Mike recently,… Read More »

Sage Interview on AltaCam

Just another killer MP3 in the AltaCam Podcast series for the 2007-08 ski season. AltaCam is releasing these interviews every two weeks all season, and then the out takes during the summer months o 2008! JB is fine tuning his interview skills with each new release. From old time legends to the most popular skiers… Read More »

Altaholics Unite!

I’ve got some exciting news for Altafarians. Until now you’ve only been able to get yer hands on one of these classic t shirts while in Alta skiing it up, well is now open for business! Buy Lee Cohen’s famous Altaholics Anonymous shirts online, quick and easy. The magnate himself has set up the… Read More »