No Sweat Pant Relaxed: DU/ER Seriously Technical Fabric

By | June 27, 2018

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DU/ER Logo
Brand: DU/ER
Product: No Sweat Pant Relaxed – Rust

Nothing distracts the day more than a bad-fitting pair of high-groin pants or denim jeans. I have more than a few hanging in the closet that are last resorts, with a maximum wear time of a few hours tops.

Enter the No Sweat Pant Relaxed from DU/ER to the rescue!

It’s no problem for me to find the right pant size. But comfort is something else all together. Right away the “No Sweat Pant” relaxed fit from DU/ER NAILED the comfort category. I never tried flexible denim or pant fabrics prior to trying these, and I noticed the difference in comfort and flexibility immediately.

They are great to hang on the clothes line. I like to hang them upside down from the bottom of each pant leg. Some other notes for prospective buyers:

  • The sizing was spot on true with my experience purchasing for myself both in person, and online. Other people aren’t allowed to buy clothes for me.
  • Due to the relaxed fit a belt is optional which I enjoy with certain daily activities like cycling to drum circles. Apparently the relaxed fit “skims the body and has a slight taper to the hem”.
  • The fabric is comfortable and breathable enough to wear on warm days, thick enough to warrant mosquitoes helpless, and versatile enough for most activities.

Things to do while wearing DU/ER pants:

Cooking, Singing, Wood Stove Activities, Camping, Crafting, Giving, Commuting, Wandering, Harvesting, and Restauranting.

NOT recommended for Marathon Running, Swimming or Bee Keeping (unless worn under a protective suit…bees are slightly stronger stingers than mosquitoes).

Bottom Line: My lifestyle is fluid, like my clothing. I am not on a standard office schedule, and I rarely dress up or down. When I want to do some work around the house, I don’t want to change clothes. I want rugged clothing I can wear on a hike with the kids and dog, wash, then wear at a casual wedding the next weekend.

For all the reasons above I give the No Sweat Pant Relaxed *****FIVE STARS*****!

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