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SkiBumPoet New Header

Whatcha think? In case you’re reading this months from now in a distant archive you can click here to see the v1.o header graphic I built. Here is the descriptions of the photos from left to right:

Classic cover photo circa 2002 (or thereabouts). Johnny B took this picture in Westward Ho. Click Here […]

Lee Cohen Interview

You may remember the infamous column ‘Ask Johnny B’ in the early days of GravityFed. When we first launched the site back in December of 1999, Johnny single handedly drove 100% of the traffic through his wit and sense of humor. I still have most of the archives stored away on an old PC box […]

Love/Hate in Timberlakes

In April 2005 Danette and I moved to Timberlakes. It’s a private 1500-acre development in Lake Creek Canyon east of Heber City, Utah. We bought our first place here, a 940-sq foot dwelling on a lot that’s just over an acre. I’m sure you’re thinking oh that must be nice. It is…it’s beautiful, only a […]

Ready for my rants?

Well it’s begun. I’ve started blogging (running a couple of other blogs with WordPress and I’ve really enjoyed learning the platform) and now it’s AOBTC…as they say. Oh yeah, that stands for ‘All Over But The Cryin’ in case you were wondering. I’ve always wanted…better yet….needed a place to spew my words in babbling fits […]