Monthly Archives: June 2007

I’m All Business These Days

Check it out.. wanted to mention an article I wrote for my job that outlines effective link building campaigns for your web site by using online press release distribution services like This has been our secret sauce as a new company. I just checked AvantLink’s history at PRWeb and we’ve produced and distributed 17… Read More »

A visit by Magnus the Kuvasz

Interesting experience today. So there I was workin’ away on the web this morning when Adah, our white Kuvasz, started getting all antsy in the house. No biggie. She’s always worked up at the deer and any other animal outside….even at 2am. Here she is shortly after she became our pet: At any rate, what… Read More »

June Powder Snow

We just had a cooooold storm move through the region for June 6th-7th. Up in Timberlakes we only got about 3 inches of snow but the temps dropped to 25 chilly degrees for two nights in a row. The baby greens, baby chard, radishes and sugar beets  (about all we can grow up here!) barely… Read More »

Highspeed Wireless Internet Service in Utah

Attention Utah Internet Junkies… Ever heard of Utah Broadband? If not check them out and you’ll be glad you did! I wanted to post and mention that Danette and I recently dropped our ISP at Allwest (DSL) in exchange for MUCH better Utah wireless Internet service from Utah Broadband. We live in a remote area… Read More »

Where Do I Start?

I’m guilty. I am now almost a month behind in posting to my personal ranting platform, aka the Ski Bum Poet blog :). Sorry ’bout that…but what can I say…for a long time running now when the ski season ends, I disappear. Although in the past I would retreat deep into the deserts of Southern… Read More »